Over 100 exhibitors from GCC countries participated in the Sharjah Bridal Fair, which kicked off on May 19-22 at Al Jawaher reception and convention centre. The exhibitors displayed some of the world's renowned weddingfashionbrands and major wedding service providers. The Gulf Today talked to some exhibitors, who were displaying items such as jewellery, wedding dresses, Arabic coffee, and health products items that are significant for every bride. Sarah Abudawood, a Saudi jewel designer and proprietor of Yataghan Jewellery, is displaying numerous designs of gold jewellery. The gift items on her stand are called "Harfi" for letter, "Esmi" for name, and "Allah's name". The gifts are suitable for giving away during the forthcoming Holy Month of Ramadan. She is also displaying bridal jewellery, which includes bracelets, nickels, and solitaires. She tells The Gulf Today that she is glad to be participating in the bridal fair, considering the swathes of revellers teaming all booths. "I'm very happy that people love my products since they bridge Western and Middle Eastern aesthetics. My products also cater for people of different income groups, without compromising quality." She states that she will be opening a jewellery shop at Sunset Mall, Jumairah Road, by August. Wafa Al Suwaidi is an Emirati fashion designer for bridal and occasional dresses. She runs a shop, with the help of her sisters, along Sharjah Airport Road. She states that visitors to the bridal fair will enjoy a 20 per cent discount. She says, "I'm able to participate in group local weddings. Offering a special dress for each bride costs Dhs2000." Arabic Coffee is an important feature of an Emirati wedding. Thus, Karam Coffee, the first specialists in manufacturing Arabic Coffee in the UAE, participated for the first time in the Sharjah Bridal Fair. Abdullah Essa Al Ghurair, Head of Marketing Department at Essa Al Ghurair Food Industerial Group, who told us that there are Karam Coffee spots at Ibin Battoota Mall in Dubai and Yas Mall in AbuDhabi. "Our main concern is to offer high quality Arabic Coffee. However, lately we can't focus on only one product line of coffee. We have to satisfy all the other customer coffee tastes such as Turkish coffee, espresso, filtering coffee, and cold coffee," he says. Al Ghurair adds that Karam Coffee observes a colouring and coding system for each coffee brand, making it easier for the consumer to remember the colour and number. "For instance, we selected number one for the Arabic coffee since it is the foundation of our brand," he states. Speaking about the health aspect of brides, Nutritionist Nibal Ghandour, who is the branch manager of CosmeSurge Clinic of Emirates Hospital in Sharjah, says, "Cosmetic surgeries are now a global phenomenon and thus important for a bride-to-be at the Sharjah Bridal Fair. I believe that our participation is a good opportunity to market and promote our services and products." CosmeSurge Clinic, handles medical cosmetics and treatment, is located in Sharjah, Ajman Corniche road. The clinic has two branches in Dubai, two Abu Dhabi, one in RAK, one in Fujaira, one in Mascat, Oman. It plans to open branches in other GCC countries. Image(s) text: Nibal Ghandour Sarah Abudawood Abdullah Essa Al Ghurair

Monday, May 23, 2016