Almas, Yaqout and Zumurrud

With a total size of 5,100 square meters, our multi-purpose hall is efficient to accommodate up to 3,000 standing guests and 2,400 in round table seating arrangement. The hall can be divided into three smaller halls of 150-1500 pax range, with an optimum sound proof system so it can accommodate different functions at the same time.

Our banquet hall is adorned with a fusion of contemporary and Islamic designs that are reflected on the patterns used on the ceiling, walls, floors and even doors – making it a perfect venue for all kinds of themed events. The classic simple interior of the hall makes it the seamless venue for a mixture of wedding and MICE events. It has also been designed to allow event designers to prep it for transformational settings, all whilst providing a rich fit-out that would still gleam if used as is with no additions.

Victor Hugo once said “To love beauty is to see light”, and when it comes to light, JRCC has mastered it. Our A-team of technical engineers are trained to operate a top-of-the-line imbedded intelligent lighting system that uses the latest LED technology. The system specializes in producing unlimited hues, perfectly controllable wash lighting, RGB colour mixing and adjustable strobe effects. The subtle-looking fixtures will also ensure no distractions are visible on your events’ ceiling, and a perfect color-changing ambience that can dress up your event with a million shades ensuring entertainment and amusement.


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